23_2015 Este dulce niño que aún soy.jpg

This Sweet Boy that I Still Am


Mixed-media on canvas

120 x 100 cm

Photo Credit Rocío Caballero

Collection Antonio Camarena

Este dulce niño que aún soy


Mixta sobre tela

120 x 100 cm

Foto cortesía Rocío Caballero

Colección Antonio Camarena

Este niño dulce que aún soy (This Sweet Child Who I Still Am) from 2015 –where yuppies appear around a circus elephant in a seated position -is specially ironic and eloquent: a child plays at making bubbles; another has a pistol in hand while the only young man in the scene also plays with bubbles, but barefoot and dressed up in an elegant adult beige suit.

Rocío Caballero’s treatment of child-like world, what we call her ardent imagination, is very fertile and seems destined to fill the emptiness of these beings with tiny composition. Her paintings, born perhaps from splendid dreams of reason, address the realities of madness and certain infantile cruelty strengthened by Power and Boredom –with capital letters- that rule a world where values have yielded to violent indifference from those who play with our souls like evil puppets. They have lost their own and perhaps this is why they amuse themselves playing with ours

~Magali Lara

Este dulce niño que aún soy donde aparecen los yuppitos en torno a un elefante de circo en posición sedante, es una pintura especialmente irónica y elocuente: un niño juega a hacer burbujas, otro trae en la mano una pistola mientras el único hombre joven juega también con burbujas pero descalzo y ataviado con un elegante traje beige de adulto.  

~Magali Tercero